Martin uden X / Martin without the X 4x 28'30 for DR3, March 2017 Martin won the first X Factor in Denmark back in 2008 when he was only 15. He left it all behind to spend the next seven years preparing to become an artist in his own right. Now he’s struggling to make a name for himself with his SAVEUS project. My good colleague Sebastian Ottenstein has been filming with Martin for more than a year. We’ve made a four-part documentary that raises the questions: How do you become yourself as an artist and a man when most people have a preconceived opinion because you joined a tv circus as a child? How do you balance ambitions and ideals towards your friendships and basic humane needs? And how do you withstand the many temptations of a flashy music industry - once again?
Director / videographer / editor SEBASTIAN OTTENSTEIN D.O.P. (opening sequence) SØREN HIORTH Creative producer / co-writer PETER HAMMER Colorgrading EDOARDO REBECCHI Sound mix ALEX PAVLOVIC